Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monsters and Monkeys - oh my!

Monster Mash 003
Quincy Quade Quentin - Rebecca Danger Crafts

Monster Mash 022
Jerry the Musical Monkey - Rebecca Danger crafts

Been doing a lot of knitting lately. At baseball games, basketball games, the pool, on the back patio, in front of the TV, any and everywhere! I'm learning new techniques and getting better! I have a list of Monsters I want to make for Christmas gifts. Gifts that I thought I could get done last year, but never did. Ooops...

Also, on my list is socks! I will learn to knit socks before this year is up! Yep! Watch me.

Getting knitty!


LorrieP said...

You will learn to knit socks. You've put it in writing. I'm going to hold you to it!!

Mami Dearest said...

Hahaha - hold me to it Lorrie! :)

bookgrump said...

If you can handle the feet of some of these monsters, you can handle socks! You monster and monkey sure are cute though!