Thursday, December 16, 2010

snow day


We got a snow day today, with hardly any snow. Really, it was mostly ice, but I'm not complaining. I get to work from home in my pj's, and catch up on some Christmas knitting. I had grand plans of several monsters being shipped off to kids of my friends to open on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. I still plan on knitting the monsters, they'll just arrive after Christmas. Which, as I think about it, might be better. They won't get lost in all the hoopla of Christmas morning.

As I sit and type this, the fireplace is going, I'm wrapped nice and warm in a blanket on the couch, with Ezekiel and knitting at my side. Elijah is upstairs making LOTS of noise playing basketball, while Fonzy lays snoring on the couch. At this very moment, I'm content.

Nothing like a lazy snow day, even if there isn't any snow on the ground.

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