Monday, December 13, 2010


Happy Monday!

I was up at 4:30am today. Not really sure why, just couldn't sleep. I remember dreaming about yarn, and then just waking up. I must really be knitting a lot to dream about yarn.

I'm so ready for the Christmas break. It's been so cold lately, all I want to do is stay home in pj's knitting in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate. Add some snow and it would be perfect!

Every year I say this, but will say it again. I really miss the snow during the holidays. I'm always dreaming of a white Christmas, and it's probably not gonna happen here in NC. It's true what they say, you never miss something until it's gone. I hated the snow living in NY, but now I get just as excited as the kids when we get snow. I'm going to keep wishing for my white Christmas. Maybe one year I'll get it.

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