Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old School Hip Hop and an 8 and 11yr old

Salt n Pepa's Hip Hop Legends tour - sounds great huh? Fonzy and I thought so. And thought the boys would enjoy it too. They listen to our music, right? They know the lyrics and sing along. They would love it. Or so we thought!

So we got the tickets, and didn't tell the boys. It was a surprise. I was sooo excited and almost couldn't keep the secret! I had to keep it for weeks. That was rough. Whenever I would hear one of the artist we were going to see on the radio, I would turn it up and ask the boys if they knew who it was. If they knew the song. Most of the time, they knew.

So the day of the concert came, and we told the boys we were going to the movies. I could barely contain myself. I think I was worse than a kid.

concert Before the concert - self portrait with the boys.

ezekiel We arrived at the concert and the boys were looking around wondering where we were at and what we were doing.

concert We get into the concert, and finally tell the boys what we were there for. We told them Slick Rick was there - they love Slick Rick's Children's story. But do you see Elijah's face there? That should of been a sign. A sign that you should not take your 11 and 8 yr old to an old school concert.

So the concert begins, and first up was Rob Base. All us "old school" jump up, start signing and dancing. We were having a great time! Ezekiel and Elijah - not so much. They were looking at all of us like we had lost our minds! Wondering what all us "old people" were doing.

concert Next was Kid N Play. I wish I had rented House Party so they would know who Kid N Play were. They actually liked them. They liked their dancing - you know Kid N Play's little dance.

kid n play Kid N Play

Next up was Slick Rick and as you can see Ezekiel was excited! He was up dancing and rapping along to Children's story.


slick rick Slick Rick

This was the scene AFTER Slick Rick.

Elijah is clearly thinking - "just knock me out now! I can't believe my parents took me to this mess! What were they thinking!"

Finally Salt N Pepa made it to the stage. This is who I really wanted to see, but by then Fonzy and the boys were done! I got to hear 2 songs.

The lesson learned here....

Never take your kids to an old school concert. No matter how much they like the songs on the radio, they do not want to sit through a whole night of them. Or their parents dancing and singing, having a good time. They would much rather be home!

Now we know - wish it was before we spent over $100 on their tickets!
salt n pepa
Salt N Pepa

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