Friday, May 7, 2010

Play Ball!

Don't tell me about the world. Not today. It's springtime and they're knocking baseballs around fields where the grass is damp and green in the morning and the kids are trying to hit the curve ball.
~Pete Hamill

It's baseball season and for the first time Ezekiel and Elijah are playing on the same team and Fonzy is coaching them. I'm the official cheerleader and photographer. It's a family affair.


The games so far have been exciting. We started out on a winning streak, but for some reason the boys seem to be losing their mojo. They start out great, but if the other team starts scoring, our boys lose confidence and it's downhill from there.

elijah Elijah

ezekiel Ezekiel


Sometimes the youngest one on the team get's so discouraged that all he can do is cry. But he picks himself up, goes out on the field and tries again.


coach veale Sometimes you just need a little pep talk from the coach.


In the dugout, behind the chainlink fence you watch your teammates up to bat, anxiously awaiting your turn, hoping you at least hit the ball, and secretly hoping for homerun!


nationals And sometimes your teammate gets one and you all share in his joy and hope the next one is yours!

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