Monday, May 24, 2010


Susan, Juanita and Me - cira 1998

Twelve years ago, I met Susan. We were co-workers and when we first met, we couldn't stand each other! We worked in the HR office together and our manager told us we better learn to get along or we would both be without jobs. So we decided to act like we liked each and 12+ years later, we are the best of friends!

Even though I'm here in NC and she is in TX it hasn't changed our friendship. It's just a long distance one. When I was in Texas for Samuel's funeral, she never left my side. We talk and text every. single. day.

A few months ago, I found out Susan was pregnant. She had been keeping it a secret! Even from her momma! She knew we would get on her about having another baby when she has 3 already and being a single mom now. I can't tell you how many lectures I've given her.

The baby was due in July, but she started having complications and went to the hosptial. They ended up sending her to the hospital in Odessa in a helicopter. Odessa is two and half hours from her home, so she didn't have anyone there with her, unless the baby's father, Lupe visited her. I was her outlet. We texted all day everyday. I would send her pictures of what I was doing through out the day. What I was cooking, etc. And she would send me pics of her days at the hospital.

She texted her whole helicopter ride.

A belly shot in the hospital bathroom.

The highlight of her day was to go outside in the park at the hospital to feed the birds. She would save her bread to give them. The nurses even bought her a little gift.

The horrible hospital food


Enjoying Starbucks

Lounging in bed with her feet up.

After being in the hospital for a month or so on bedrest they sent her home, but it didn't last long. I think a week or so later, she was back in hospital and had little Maya 2 months early.



Maya and her Daddy's hand

Maya and Mommy

Maya and Daddy

kisses from mommy

Maya and her brother and sisters - Miana, Mello, and Katalina.

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