Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Hat

pumpkin hat
I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while. The knitting meetup group I'm a part of were donating pumpkin hats to babies/toddlers in Duke Hospital. This was only my second time knitting a hat, but I couldn't resist the cute hats. I knitted Elijah a hat a few months ago, but have yet to post a picture of it. Note to self: Get picture of Elijah wearing his hat. I originally told the group I would knit up two hats. That didn't happen. I'm still learning and can knit on circular needles with no problem, but once the hat gets smaller you have to change to 4 double pointed needles and I'm still having a hard time learning how to maneuver 4 needles. That little green stem drove me nuts! I was too happy once I got the hat done! It was the cutest thing, but there was no way I was making another one.

I'm currently working on a hat for Ezekiel. I'll take pictures of my progress when I take the picture of Elijah. With all the hats I want to make, I should get the 4 double pointed needle thing down! At least I hope I do! And I hope a little baby and his/her parents enjoy the one pumpkin hat I did. It was made with lots of love...along with some sweat and tears, but mostly love.

pumpkin hat


Anonymous said...

Your doing a fantastic job!!

Isolated Existence. said...

It came out so cute! The colors are so vibrant. Great job :-)