Friday, June 19, 2009

Day by Day

Samuel 036
at Samuel's grave, the morning after his funeral

Most days I just want to stay in bed and cry....for a few days I did exactly that.

Most days I smile and act normal....but inside I'm crying, screaming, asking why????

Samuel is my first thought when I wake in the morning and my last thought before I sleep at night.

I have this ache that just won't go away....I'm constantly trying to hold it together, but at any moment I feel like I'm going to lose it.

I sometimes notice Ezekiel and Elijah watching me, to see if I'm crying. They ask me if I'm alright. I try to smile and say I'm OK, when really I'm not, but I don't want them worried about me.

People mean well, will call and ask how I'm doing. My usual response is, "I'm OK, just taking it day by day" I don't think they can handle what I'm really feeling.....sometimes I can't handle what I'm feeling.

Some days I wish I could go to his grave...just to be near him, but he is buried in Texas and I'm in NC. I hope to one day move back to Texas, but it doesn't look to be in the cards right now.

I talk to Manuel everyday, and I can feel his pain. It's always been Samuel and Manuel, and now...just Manuel. He tells me his visits Samuel's grave everyday.....I wish I could be there with him.

This all still feels like a nightmare that I just want to wake up from. I keep waiting for Samuel to call me, but I will never hear him say Mom or I love you again. I have his music, so I can hear his voice any time I want, but sometimes even that is too hard.

There is so much I wish I had told him, so many hugs I wish I had given, so many pictures I wish I had taken, so many moments I let slip away.....

Day by day, that's all I can do, and sometimes even that is too much.

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DeeDee said...

No one is going to judge you if you fall apart. You do what is necessary to make it through. I know I haven't called or come by but I know you've had several people wanting to console you during this time. I would love to see you and talk with you but don't want to be intrusive. You let me know when your ready. You are never far from my thoughts and I pray for your family daily, I will continue to do so.