Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bustin' Loose

This may be a sign that my jeans were too tight!
Yeah, that was me Friday at work. The jeans were kind of tight when I put them on, but I figured they would loosen up as the day went on. They loosened up alright.This is how it all played out. I had to take a walk to our other building to pick up some things from the receptionist. So off I go to the other building. I had to walk through a parking lot, (which was full of service men) and into the building where all the executives are, you know, the CEO, CFO of the company, all the bigwigs. I pick up my package from the receptionist and mosey my way back across the packed parking lot to my desk...not a care in the world. As soon as I get to my desk, I get a call from the receptionist, goes a little something like this…

Receptionist: “Um (insert my name here)…..you may want to check the back of your pants”
Me: “The back of my pants????” (feeling the back of my pants)

I had a fairly long shirt on, so I pulled the shirt down to cover my behind. I really didn’t know how bad it was until a few minutes later when Karen and I left for lunch. Of course as soon as I show her, she fell out laughing! I had her take a picture with my phone. I could not believe how bad the tear was when I saw the picture! And who knows how long I had been walking around like that and no one told me. It was lunch time already! Who at my job that morning saw my stripped drawls! Karen could not stop laughing. I was just praying my manager did not see that. How embarrassing! You know the commercials for Southwest, “need to get away?” Yeah, that was me. I got a sweater from Karen that covered my behind and we went back to work. I sent an e-mail to the receptionist thanking her for telling me about my pants and this is what she sent back…

“We debated if you were doing it to be sexy today or you were testing to see who your friends are.
Enjoy your weekend.
One of your friends,”

I couldn’t help but laugh. But wait…that’s not all. So Monday morning I come into work and I have an e-mail from my boss, wanting me to send out a note regarding dress code...

I have noticed that in recent weeks that our Casual Friday attire in some area’s is getting a little too casual; before the weather picks up I just want to ensure that we remind everyone of the requirements for Casual attire. Please take a moment to look at the information below which comes from our Employee Handbook and defines what is and is not acceptable.
Sweat shirts
Fleece fabrics
Stirrup pants
Athletic shoes
Shorts and skorts
Crop/Halter tops
Tank tops
Torn clothing!!! or shoes
Flip flops
Logo Clothing
See what I highlighted in red???? Could this get any worse. I sent out the note and the receptionist almost immediately sends me another e-mail.

"Enquiring Minds want to know, is this because of The Sexy Friday Lady?"
Who knows! I would hope it wasn't because of me but if so, there is nothing I can do about it now....except laugh!
side note: as soon as I got home, the pants went in the trash!


Lisa said...

OH MY FREAKIN GAWD!! I would've freaked out!! They act like you did that on purpose. Shame on them. They should know you by now and that you dress way better than that. That is crazy but I have to be honest, thanks so much for a great laugh.. LOL..

Wow.. Thank goodness for long shirts!

Isolated Existence said...

LOL, great story! Damn, your coworkers didn't see a thing? Nice note from the receptionist, very well said, lol. I would've been mortified!! ;-)