Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning

Before church Easter morning, I took the boys outside to take Easter shots. You couldn't tell Ezekiel a thang......he was Mr. GQ with his new glasses/shades. Elijah was Elijah. I had to coax him into acting somewhat normal. He insists on acting crazy no matter what.

easter 002

easter 008

easter 009

easter 029
Then Big Daddy showed up!

easter 045

easter 052
I love this one....this is getting framed!

easter 054
I like this one too....showing off their muscles.

easter 059
Last, but not least...I had to get Fonzy to take a picture of me and the boys.


Lisa said...

Wow, all of you came out so nice. So sharp too!! I love all the pics.

Thanks for sharing!

Tanyetta said...