Wednesday, February 11, 2009

40 of 365 - Go Wolves!

I know there is more than one picture here for my 365, but sometimes one picture just won't do, so take your pick.

Fonzy's basketball season is almost more game left. The boys and I have really enjoyed going to the games. I have almost a thousand pictures of his first season as head coach, but unfortunately, I can't post any here. You know some law against posting pictures of other people's kids on the web. And the coach's wife can't go to jail. She is too cute for jail. I posted this one because you really can't make out the kids faces, and I wanted to show Fonzy in action. My baby always looks so good on game day.

After the game, we head to dinner.

Sing it with me..."Chilis baby back ribs!"

Fonzy going over the stats for tonight's game. Unfortunately we lost, but it was a good game.

I had Fonzy take a picture of Ezekiel and I. I've noticed I'm not in a lot of pictures and I wish
I had more pictures of myself and my mom, so I need to start being in more pictures no matter how many pounds the camera adds!

Fast asleep on the couch....coaching is hard work!

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Lisa said...

Yes, I agree. Even if we look busted, our kids will always say that we looked great. So be in those pics too!