Monday, February 23, 2009

49 of 365 - Wind Chimes

2 weeks ago, the boys and I had a half day at school/work, so we headed to the cemetery. Yep, you read that right, a cemetery. My SIL said I was really weird for taking the boys to the cemetery when we didn't even know anyone, but I don't think so. Cemetery's are very peaceful and beautiful places. One of the main reasons I wanted to go was to take pictures of the Jesus statue up on the hill. The boys didn't mind going to the cemetery, it was an adventure for them. They walked through the cemetery, reading the headstones and sometimes asking questions on how the person may have died. We saw a baby's headstone, he was only 4 days old. The boys had a tough time understanding how a baby could day at only 4 days old. I just told them that people of all ages die, babies, kids, moms, dads. You never know when it's your time, only God knows that.

While walking through the cemetery, I kept hearing chimes. All over there were wind chimes hung in tress. It seemed kind of strange, but it was a hauntingly beautiful sound that I won't soon forget.....

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Anonymous said...

I told you that was creepy.... that is like a horror movie