Monday, February 9, 2009

37, 38, 39 of 365 - Valentines Day cards

Do you remember when you were a kid and handed out Valentines to your class? I can remember reading through all the Valentines in the box, trying to decide which one to give my best friend and then of course the boy in the class every girl liked. You had to get the best card for him and hoped he would sign his card to you "Love, so and so"
Ezekiel and Elijah weren't too thrilled about getting Valentines and I don't recall Samuel and Manuel being thrilled when they were little either. I think Valentines is a female holiday. We want the cards, the flowers, the jewelery, the chocolates, all of it. Little boys could care less and grown men are more than happy with one thing on this day....we all know what that is, and it doesn't cost a thing! Aren't we the lucky ones.

I think Elijah is living up to his middle name, Valentino.....he's a Valentines baby.

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