Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Parade

Today was the annual Christmas parade. And it sure felt like Christmas with 20 degree weather. One of these days we are going to NYC to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade for a real parade...but until then, here's our little city parade.

Fonzy and I standing on the curb....not impressed with the parade this year.

A moment we may never see again, brotherly love.

Star Wars characters in a Christmas parade???? Uh yeah.

I had Ezekiel snap this picture of Fonzy and I. Fonzy never wants to take pictures. I told him once I'm dead and gone he would regret not taking pictures with me. He said he was diving off in the grave with me if I go first. Do you believe that? I didn't either.

Snoopy's hot dogs....supposedly the best hot dogs in town. They alright, but not all that.

Fonzy thrilled to be at the parade.

Monster truck, the highlight of the parade for the boys.

Saint Augustine's band....Fonzy's alma mater.

And Skeletor....because nothing says Christmas like Skeletor on a motorcycle.

And the big finale with Santa Clause???? We missed it, because we were here....

Getting these.....


We'll catch Santa at the mall, where it's warm.

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