Friday, July 18, 2008

New Life

I have ferns hanging up on my patio. I had two, but during a week of 100 degree weather, one of them died. I would water them, but for some reason the plant wasn't getting the water. I had noticed birds in my ferns, so I decided to check the plant and discovered a nest. One of my ferns held on, even though it had two nests in it. This morning while working I heard the birds chirping like crazy! I went to see what was up and as I opened the sliding door, I saw a bird fly out the fern into the tree. I looked in the tree and saw a cardinal and the other bird that had just flown from my fern. I've been noticing the cardinal the past few weeks. He's been kinda hanging around. I decided to stand on one of the Adirondack chairs on my patio to get a better look at the fern. Of course I had my camera ready. The cardinal and the other bird sat in the tree just watching me. In my fern were baby birds! I zoomed in and took a few pictures. The parents, whom I'm assuming is the cardinal and other little bird was flying from limb to limb watching me. I decided to snap a few more pictures and leave them alone. As soon as I came back in, the little bird flew back to nest and the chirping began again.

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