Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Juan's Pepper Patch

It's not very often we have family come and stay with us. I have Karen and Jay here with me, but most of Fonzy's family is in TX. This past weekend Juan and Becky, Fonzy's cousins were here in NC for a soccer tournament, so that gave us some time with them. We did our usual, BBQ out at the pool and just enjoyed each other's company. I really look up to Juan and Becky. They have been together since high school and from spending time with them, they are still in love. It's great to see marriages like that, it proves that marriages can last, you just have to work at it.

Juan and Becky....look at how she is smiling at him, all in love

now look at Sam, looking at Maddie like she has cooties. I'm not feeling the love at all!

Sam: "I guess I'll take a picture, but I wont' touch her!"

the boys - I stay surrounded by boys

And this is Juan's pepper patch. Our apartment community has landscaping, and often they change out the flowers. When they changed the flowers last time, they put in these peppers. They are very colorful, although I thought it was strange to have peppers as landscaping. I figured it was just decorative peppers...what do I know. Well, walking back from the pool Juan noticed the peppers and started picking some to eat with dinner. Fonzy told him he didn't think they were for eating, but Juan thought otherwise. According to Juan, they tasted pretty good! We warned Becky that if Juan got sick all of a sudden, she would know why......blame it on the peppers!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comments you gave us. Although, we look like we haven't had a disagreement our whole life, we have had our ups and downs. Like every marriage it's no piece of cake. Marriage is what you want to make of it. I can tell you lots of stories and lots of times I've wanted to throw in the towel. Juan and I have been together since the 9th grade. We have had our challenges but I don't give up!! Juan said, "We were going to stay together till the end". I told him that I wanted to be the lower statistic that have only been married once. The divorce rate is ridiculous!! It has become the norm to people and I strongly disagree with that. I prayed one time and ask God to change Juan's ways and I kept thinking to myself when will my prayers be answered!! I kept praying thinking God didn't feel my prayer was important. Then one day it occurred to me that why was I praying for Juan to change maybe it was me!! Well of course I couldn't have that! I finally gave in and I think it was a sign for me to accept him for who he was. I know we are not perfect only God is and we all have our ways but I do feel that I am truly blessed in my marriage. Juan has been my best friend and soulmate for years and I could never see it any other way. Communication is the way, really!! We talk about what bugs us and sometimes we do laugh about it. That is what a marriage should be. If you don't disagree then somethings wrong...hee,hee. Love you!! Juan & Becky forever!!

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