Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Morning After - Snow Day

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I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland, body aches, and a stuffy nose! I probably should have had a coat on yesterday as I was out taking pictures. I knew better, but the excitement of the snow had me like a kid who doesn't care about coats and hats. They just want to get out in the snow and play! And I didn't have that responsible adult telling me to get my butt in the house and put a coat on. I guess I should have been that responsible adult, but that part of me was on a coffee break or something.

We have another snow day and I plan on staying inside. Of course that is after I went out this morning to take pictures. It was the first thing I did, even before coffee! The snow were calling Titus and I. He loves the snow and always up for an adventure when no one else is. I wasn't out there for too long, but enough to appreciate the beauty around me. Carolina blue skies, snow glistening in the sunlight, and the quiet hush of the morning.
The magic of an, extraordinary day.

Then I dashed inside, got my coffee and snuggled under a blanket. And that's where you'll find me for the rest of the day!

For those here in NC, enjoy your second snow day!

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