Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Making of a Blanket ~ Chunky Cable Blanket

IMG_5426 IMG_5458 IMG_6921 pumpkin IMG_7468 IMG_7467 IMG_7573 IMG_8009 IMG_8248 IMG_8443 IMG_8632 IMG_8490 IMG_9056 IMG_9059 I LOVE this blanket!

This is my biggest knit project to date and my favorite. I started it on July 22, 2016 and finished it November 24, 2016, Thanksgiving day. As I look over the pictures of my progress I noticed most of my knitting was done in the Fall. Starting a thick chunky blanket in July probably wasn't the best idea.

Since finishing this blanket it has gotten lots of use. I cuddle up in it while watching TV. Drape it over our bed at night for extra warmth. It's my go to blanket. Hubby isn't too fond of it, says it's too heavy and hot for him, but isn't that the point of a blanket. To wrap you in warmth. During our Christmas break, we binge watched Game of Thorns and he said my blanket would fit in perfectly with the Night Watch at The Wall, with all the snow, cold and Jon Snow. He's called it my Game of Thrones blanket.

Sidenote: We loved Game of Thrones! One of the best series. Can't wait for Season 7. 

When I finished this blanket, I said I wouldn't knit another chunky blanket for a while and started to knit other things, but guess what? A new chunky blanket is calling me. I love knitting with chunky yarn and big needles. The size 8's I'm using for a few hats right now are killing me! I happily cast on a new chunky blanket the other day. It's not the same pattern, but I'm loving it and how easy it is. Just knit and purl. I'll be posting it soon.

The pattern for this chunky cable blanket is by Go-Girl Knitting, the Aspen Blanket, and can be found on my project page here on Ravelry.

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