Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Month of Thankfulness - Day 4

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Today, I am thankful for life.

Today was a sad day. Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I came across a news story of a teen being killed in a car crash on his way to school. He was from Ezekiel's school. About an hour later, I got a text from Ezekiel, simply stating, I love you. I knew they must have been told of the tragedy. Ezekiel knew the boy, had classes with him and said he just spoke with him the other day.

I think of death and dying everyday. Not once in passing, but several times a day. It's probably because our family has had so much death, but most of all, the death of Samuel. You never think when you have your babies, you will be burying them. I worry about Fonzy and the boys whenever they are not with me. I pray daily for their safe return home. I pray for Manuel and my Grandbabies daily. He's not here with me, but always on my mind too. You never stop worrying, no matter how old your kids are.

My heart aches for this young boys family. I know what losing a child is like. So many hopes, and dreams taken in an instant.

Today, I am thankful for life. Because I know all too well, it can be gone in an instant.


Update Nov 5 - the high school had a prayer circle on campus this morning for Tyler. About 150 students attended, Ezekiel was one of them. 

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