Thursday, November 19, 2015

Month of Thankfulness - Day 19

nov 19
I'm one of those people if you have a glass door or window bare, I will peek inside as I'm walking by. I always wonder what the family is like. The life they live. I also notice yards. You can tell who spends a lot of time in their yard, and who does the bare minimum to keep the HOA away. One yard I noticed hasn't been kept up like it use to be. New owners have moved in. Our community has a Facebook page, and someone happened to mention the unkempt yard. I had just mentioned it to Fonzy a few days ago. The owner of the house, who is part of our community Facebook page spoke up. She is a young mother of 3 who just found out in September she has cancer. Leukemia. She's married and the family also foster dogs. When I read this, I felt so bad for judging. You never know what is going on in people's lives. Finding out she had cancer, their yard seemed so insignificant. She's fighting for her life. Who has time to worry about a yard! A lot of the neighbors reached out to her and her family to help out. Myself included. It felt good to see everyone reaching out to them, when at first we were so quick to judge. Now when I drive or walk by their house, I send up a prayer for her healing and for her family. I don't even notice the yard.

Today, I'm thankful for good health.

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