Thursday, September 25, 2014

Look for the Light


I've been wanting to make some changes to my blog lately, in hopes that it would get me writing again. I clicked on a few things, thinking I would be able to preview my changes before saving and ended up ruining my blog template! I did this without saving the HTML of what my blog originally looked like. Big mistake! I could have cried! I played around with the HTML, knowing nothing about it and after working on it several hours, I am finally ok with how it looks. There are a few tweaks here and there, but.....I actually like it better than what I had.

To kick off my new blog look, I'm participating in 31 Days - a writing challenge. Pick a subject and write everyday in the month October. I haven't decided what I will be writing about. I'm thinking something knit related, but I have a few days yet to decide. I'm just glad my blog is back up and running, especially after the disaster yesterday.

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