Thursday, September 18, 2014


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I'm not really a cookie person, but the past few weeks cookies have been my go to baking item. Sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies have been made more than once. The Texas Longhorn cookies I made this past weekend, and they were not easy to make! Cutting the cookies out, the horn would break off. I had to redo almost all the cookies. Once baked they looked great. Just took a little extra patience. And if anyone knows me, I'm kind of short on patience. I tried to get the perfect burnt orange but as you can see - or not see - since I didn't post any frosted cookies, I really wasn't successful. And trying to frost them, made me realize I am not a cookie decorator. The ones not frosted looked so much prettier. Simple is better, right?

Want to make your own cookies? Here's the recipes I used.

Cut-out Cookies - taste great without icing!
Sugar Cookies - best and simple sugar cookie recipe EVER!
Peanut Butter Cookies - Nancy Fuller of Farmhouse Rules is a new favorite of mine on Food Network. One change - don't bake for 18mins. Might be a misprint. I baked mine for about 8 - 9 mins. I would check as baking as each oven is different.

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