Saturday, March 22, 2014


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Elijah loves to fish. I've been promising to take him fishing and today was the day. And what it day it was!

So I grew up in a fishing family. Dad fished, brother fished, Grammy fished, Aunts fished, cousins fished. We all fished. It's been a long time since I've been fishing and when I did fish I didn't put the bait on the hook or take the fish off. I just cast out the line, and reeled in the fish. I figured Elijah had been fishing several times with his older brother Manuel, and has been with his Uncle Jay, so he should have no problem fishing. I was wrong!

I pack up the boys, dogs, fishing poles, worms and off we go!

From the start Elijah was having problems. He would cast out his line, but it wouldn't go very far. Fishing line was getting tangled, pole wasn't working, anything that could have gone wrong did. At one point, his line went flying into the water, and came off the pole. That was the last straw! Elijah started having a metal breakdown! It didn't help that Ezekiel was teasing him by putting his pole in the water, and acting like he caught "the big one." I tried to call Manuel to see if he could help us over the phone, no answer. I called my brother Jay, no answer. Ezekiel tried looking at YouTube videos, but nothing helped. And then I noticed a guy fishing on another pier. A life saver! We went to where he was fishing, and I asked him if he could please help Elijah because he was having a meltdown. The guy chuckled a little and kindly helped Elijah. He untangled the line and showed Elijah how to cast out correctly. The guy caught several fish while we were there, Elijah none. He told Elijah there were plenty of days he fished and caught nothing. It's all part of fishing. Elijah was still disappointed, but at least now he knows how to cast out the line, and next time we go fishing, he is going to catch some fish. I hope....

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