Sunday, March 16, 2014

Azul and the Sunday Afternoon Nap

Me and this dog right here have a love/hate relationship. Well, I guess I should say I have one. I'm not really sure what he thinks! Azul is a beautiful Pit Bull, but he drives me nuts. Maybe it's because he's still a puppy, but he gets into everything! He eats my plants, loves to grab my yarn and take off running with it, with yarn unraveling behind him. You have to keep watch over him all the time. If you can't see him, he's probably into something he shouldn't be! But then he has his sweet side. He loves to cuddle, and when he's sleepy he wants to be next to someone. Too bad it doesn't last. As soon as he wakes out! Sweetness is out the window and the terror is back!

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