Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend Fonzy and Elijah went on an overnight camping/fishing trip at the beach, which left Ezekiel and I on our own. Ezekiel said he would stay home with me so I wouldn't be alone. We were kinda lost without them, but made it through the night, and I was so glad he stayed home with me. I'm a scaredy cat and probably wouldn't have made it through the night had he not been there. I almost had him sleep in the room with me!
Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast and went to the farmers market. I love going to the farmers market. So many sights, smells, and tastes! The smell of ripe peaches hung in the air. They were so sweet! The flowers were beautiful. The gladiolus and sunflowers made me so excited for my own to bloom! I can't wait!
On the way into the Farmers Market, I saw my dream car - a mint green convertible bug! Isn't it cute! I could see myself driving that, top down, hair blowing in the wind! As I took the picture, the owner saw me and said, "taking pictures of my bug huh?" Busted! I told her it was my dream car and I couldn't help myself. She just laughed and said it was such a fun car to drive! I bet it is!


Isolated Existence. said...

Nice pictures! How cute of your son to stay with you so you wouldn't be alone. The woman who ends up marrying him will be lucky.

Did you turned red when the owner saw you taking a picture of the car? I know I would've, lol.

Anonymous said...

I am loving your pictures. You both look like you were having a grand ole time. Too funny about the car. You sure were busted lol...YOu did not film that one did ya hhahahahahaha.