Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Babydoll #2


Happy Wednesday Crafty Peeps! You know what time it here we go.

My WIP this week is babydoll #2. This will probably be my WIP next week too. Just giving you a heads up. I need to become like a normal knitter and have more than one WIP. Socks would be a good second project, right? I really need to get over my fear of socks and start a pair.

OK....I'm putting it out there right now! I'm going to start some socks this weekend! I need you all to hold me to it. If we are FB friends, or follow each other on Twitter, then send me some positive knitting mojo please :) I'm going to need it!

I actually do have another work in progress, just not of the knitty kind. See my lovely porch swing up there. I also posted about it here. Well, I'm staining it, so that's a work in progress. I hope to have it hanging back up by the weekend.

I see some sock knitting and porch swinging this weekend! ♥♥♥

As always, to check out more yarny goodness click the pictures below and enjoy!


SnuggleBunnie said...

That definitely a working in progress. Can't wait to see babydoll number 2 and that lovely porch swing all done up. Yes I am holding you to the socks. Hmm lets see what colors I want for MY SOCKS LOL.

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

A porch swing is the perfect place to sit and knit socks!!!! I definitely think you should make some socks - I was terrified of them but I made my first pair a little while ago and it was lovely relaxing knitting (I chose a plain pair and stripy yarn) - good luck!

A Faithful Journey said...

I have that same pattern book and bookmarked that doll to make for my niece as well as for my baby girl due in July! Such a sweet little face it has and I am anticipating a fun knit! :)

Opal @ Celebrate Life said...

I'm looking forward to seeing babydoll #2.

What a perfect place to curl up with your crochet or knitting. We have to set out swing for the warmer months. A few years ago, we enclosed our patio, so it's no longer there.

My daughter and I have many pleasant memories hanging out on that swing, when it's warm outside.

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Kathleen said...

Yay for the second babydoll---the first one was a work of art, and I'm sure this one will be, too.

And I'll be sending you some good-sock-mojo. :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'm sending you a TON of sock knitting mojo. You can ABSOLUTELY DO THIS. Can't wait to see what you cast on!

Liz said...

The first baby doll is really cute, I'm looking forward to seeing the second one! I would love to have a porch swing and good weather to sit and knit on at the weekend! :)

BellaKarma said...

I love your swing! I'm so happy for you! Some of my most favorite memories are of sitting with my Nana on her swing. :)