Friday, March 9, 2012



Happy Friday!

It's one of those rainy mornings when you just want to stay home in pj's, sipping on coffee and kniting. Instead I'm at the office, thinking about knitting. Sigh....

I want something new on my needles! Carmen's baby doll  and I are not getting along right now! I don't know what it is, but I'm just not in the mood to knit it. Maybe it's the boring skin color yarn. I like bright, vibrant colors and this is camel color. Boring! I need to finish the arm I'm working on and maybe move to the dress. At least I would be knitting with bright colors.

Elijah has a basketball tournament this weekend. I'm hoping to get some knitting in. Might be a good time to work on the baby doll. At least I would have the action of the game to break up the monotony of knitting body parts.

Not sure what I'm going to knit next. My list keeps growing and growing! I need to stay off Ravelry and Etsy! That's probably not going to happen though!


  1. I know something for me. That was easy lol...

  2. I have a friend who knit a doll for her granddaughter and it was a nightmare! It must be something about all those arms and legs - knitting, stuffing, and attaching them - that makes it so tiresome. I am sure Carmen will love the doll when it is finished though.