Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scary Night and Shadow Love

Shadow Love

We had a scary night.

4:00am our alarm system went off. I jumped up, pushed and yelled to Fonzy (hubby) that the alarm was going off. He ran to get the boys in our room, and went downstairs. Shaking, I called 911 to let them know someone may have tried to break into our house, and that my husband was downstairs checking it out. The 911 operator said officers were on the way and that he would stay on the phone until they arrived.

The door leading into the garage was open. Luckily we have a safety lock, so if anyone tries to enter, the door will not open all the way. Fonzy didn't see anyone, and wasn't sure if the outside garage door was open. We waited for the police to arrive to check any further. I was literally shaking while waiting for the police and so was Elijah as he sat on our bed. Ezekiel seemed to be ok. The police arrived, walked around our house to make sure no one was there, then came inside. I heard Fonzy and the cop talking. Fonzy mentioned the garage door may not have been closed all the way, and with the strong winds we had last night, maybe it pushed it open. The outside garage door was not open and no one was found. The cop and Fonzy continued to chat. I was still upstairs tyring to hear what they were talking about, when I heard something about basketball! My husband is the head basketball coach of one of the middle schools in the area. The cop noticed a picture of him and his team, and next thing you know they are talking about basketball. Men!

The boys decided they wanted to sleep the rest of the night in our room. We all were a little shaken up, and it took me a while to fall back to sleep. I was thinking we needed a gun. I'm not comfortable with having a gun in the house, but I can only imagine if someone had actually broken in. What would we have done? It's scary thinking about it.

We woke up to bright sunshine, and blue skies. The terror of the night replaced with a beautiful day. The boys haven't mentioned what happened last night. It's just another day. Me - I'm thinking of what could have happened.

You are probably wondering what the picture has to do with this post. Absolutely nothing! Today's challenge was a shadow. Elijah, our Valentine baby helped me with this challenge. He thinks Valentines Day is his own special holiday, and all hearts belong to him.


Lisa said...

OMG I would've been freaked out too!! So glad it was nothing. Be careful girl!

Anonymous said...

So glad you all are alright. I would have been shaken too. It's a good thing to be friendly with a cop now you know they will come quick when you need them lol. Love the shadow pic:)

Nicky said...

Glad that everyone is fine and that there was no harm done.

Glad you're having a sunny day to replace that gray experience.

Pumpkin said...

So sorry to hear about the rough night. I'm very glad to hear that everyone is safe! Having an alarm system to begin with must provide you with enough peace of mind to begin with, a gun probably wouldn't help too much.

kristieinbc said...

That must have been terrifying. I am glad you are all okay, and that the police didn't see signs of an actual intruder. Too funny about the whole thing disintegrating into a basketball discussion. Had it happened in Canada the evening would have no doubt ended with a hockey discussion instead. :-)

Isolated Existence. said...

Wow, that was scary! I'm glad it was a false alarm. We women tend to stay thinking about situations like that longer than men. If they do they don't show it often.

Nice to hear you guys woke up to a beautiful day...