Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Country Heart

Since this past summer, I have been listening to country music. Since Elijah rides with me everyday to work/school he has no choice but to listen to country. He now knows every country song they play on the radio and who sings it.

For Christmas he got a guitar. He strums the strings, trying to mimic the country singers he's seen. He's been so busy with school and basketball season we haven't had time to look into lessons. Tonight when I asked him to play for me while I took pictures, he happily obliged. Once finished he asked when he was going to get lessons, because he wanted to play the guitar for real. This is the last week of basketball season, and a break for a few weeks, I think now is the time to look into lessons. His country heart is ready to play!


snugglebunnie said...

Aw that is so sweet. I can't wait to hear him play

Isolated Existence. said...

He's at the age that can pick up instruments and learn quickly. He will be playing in no time. My daughter bought an electric guitar for her birthday last year but hasn't been using it.

My son wants to learn to play it so he has been looking at youtube videos where they share lessons. He sits for hours trying to learn. Gave up on it for a little while but I have been encouraging to keep trying.

Btw, I decided to do the February Photo Challenge! Lets see if I keep up with it. Love your entry for hands...