Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Little bit of this - Little bit of that}


Today is a dreary, rainy day. Kinda day I wish I was home KNITTING!

I had a knitting breakthrough yesterday! Ezekiel has been asking for a mohawk earflap hat since LAST winter. I have several patterns and tried a few of them, but could never figure how to join the earflaps correctly. Kept twisting stitches, messing up on casting new stitches. It was a mess! I've ripped out several hats and finally gave up! Well, this week I was determined to make Ezekiel's hat. I got this pattern from Ravelry(see lots more hats on Ravelry) and started again. First try I had to rip out! UGH! Put it aside for a few days and started again last night and got it! No twisted stitches, no issues of any kind. The pattern was actually pretty easy! Maybe I was just making it hard. I should have the hat done tonight and then all I need to do is add the mohawk! Yay Me! Of course I will post pictures when I'm all done!

So everybody gearing up for Thanksgiving? I am. My Daddy and stepmom are coming for the week. I'm excited! They came for Thanksgiving 2yrs ago, but we didn't have enough room in our apartment, so they stayed elsewhere. We have the house now, so we will all be together! We plan on decorating our tree and house Friday after Thanksgiving, so lots of pictures to be taken!

I have so many projects I want to knit. The list just keeps growing and growing! I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving break to work on a few of them. Elijah has asked for a monster for his teacher - a coffee monster. He said she LOVES coffee and drinks it all day. I would probably need coffee all day too if I had to deal with 27 9-10yr olds! I can't wait to see how the monster is going to turn out since I LOVE coffee too!

Speaking of monsters, my surprise monster is out for delivery today! Once the recipient receives it, I will post a picture in all it's awesomeness!

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