Monday, November 28, 2011

A Lil' Bit Country - Part 1

So the day after Thanksgiving, we decided to take a ride out to the country to see my brother's and SIL land they are buying and the farm they help out on. We try to get them to move closer, they move further out.
drive collage
The ride was about an hour long down country roads, over lakes, in the middle of nowhere. You wouldn't want to break down out there! Triple AAA would probably never find you! GPS couldn't even tell us where we were at. Phone service was almost nonexistent!
Picnik collage
Jay finally was able to get thru to us and told us to pull over on the side of the road and he would come get us. So on the side of the road we sat.

The day was beautiful....sunny and about 75 degrees. It was so peaceful and quiet. was until we got out there. then you heard Christmas music and kids shouting, laughing, running in an open field. It was beautiful out there.

Jay finally showed up and off to the farm we went.

wedding barn
The guy who owns the property has a wedding barn and cabin which he rents outs. The barn is beautiful with huge fireplaces and twinkle lights everywhere. You go out on the back deck and can see all the animals, pond and property out back.

chicken collage
There were chickens, turkeys, bulls, goats, minature horses, regular horses, donkeys, llamas. So much to see and do. The kids loved it!

We gathered eggs, petted bulls, rode horses, and I got to feed llamas! There was even a baby llama. They were beautiful.

I took over 450 pictures! Uh yeah....what was I thinking! One post is not enough to share the pictures, so stay tuned for A lil' bit Country - Part 2 where I share our horseback riding and hearing my daddy's stories of growing in Puerto Rico.

Thanksgiving Jay 228

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Isolated Existence. said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! I bet it smelled good with the air being so clean. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing. I'm jealous! ;-D