Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mami, the savior

After church today we went to Golden Corral for lunch/dinner. This is our usual on Sundays. Church, out to eat, home to nap. So everything is going as normal, we've all gotten our plates and sit down to eat. Elijah, who never eats anything but snacks, has 2 mini corndogs, some diced bourbon chicken and baked apples on his plate. That's it. Normally, he will pick at his food, then go get a bowl of gummy bears, and we normally let him, but not today. We've had to get on Elijah lately about not eating his food, and only eating snacks. So while at Golden Corral, he ate a few bites of his food and announced he was done. That meant he wanted gummy bears. Fonzy told him he was not getting any dessert/gummy bears unless he ate ALL of his food. You should of seen the look on his face. He looked so sad and pitiful and of course he looks at me to save him. I just looked away because I would of given in. I'm bad about that. Elijah's takes a few more bites, and continues to look at me all pitiful, now with tears in his eyes. Fonzy is not fazed at all. He told him to dry his eyes, because he has no reason to cry. If he doesn't want to eat, he doesn't have to, he just won't get gummy bears. So Elijah dries his eyes and tries to force a few more bites down and contines to look at me to save him. I had to look away. Fonzy get's up for dessert and Elijah starts crying as soon as he leaves. I tell Elijah to just hurry up and eat and he can get gummy bears. I even try to help him out and eat a few bites of his chicken myself before Fonzy comes back. I know I shouldn't of eaten the chicken, but I just couldn't help it. I'm always trying to save them. Fonzy returns to the table and Elijah forces another bite down, but gags on it. That was it, Fonzy was done. He told Elijah not to eat another bite, because he was not getting gummy bears and we were leaving. Elijah walked to the car crying and I felt bad for him, because I knew he was looking forward to the gummy bears, but Mommy couldn't save him this time. Daddy had spoken.

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tanyetta said...

That's right. Once Dad has spoken, that's the end of that.

Then you can sneak Elijah some gummy's when daddy's not looking :)