Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gingerbread House Makin'

Last week I played the role of a good Mommy and went with Elijah to school to make Gingerbread houses, what fun!

Here's our bare, boring house...but we are about to make it FABULOUS!

All the wonderful candy for our fabulous gingerbread house.The kids were told they could eat 5 pieces....that was all, or they were going to get sick. Yeah...the getting sick part was to scare them from eating too much candy. Didn't work....I saw kids popping candy like crack addicts and it was 10 AM! I have to admit I had a few Hersey kisses myself, but who can resist the chocolaty goodness of a kiss!

Elijah spreading on the frosting...that stuff was like cement!

Concentrating on his masterpiece.

Our FABULOUS Gingerbread House!

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