Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Madness That Is The NC State Fair

IMG_7031 IMG_7052 IMG_7023 IMG_7053 IMG_7042 IMG_7032 (2) DSC_0279_3 IMG_7075_2 Growing up, I loved going to our little county fair every year with my cousins. Chautauqua County Fair. We'd get dressed in our best summer shorts, and head out for a day of fun. We'd get our bracelets to ride all the rides, as many times as we wanted, played games to win gold fish or whatever the "it" prize was of the year, eat funnel cakes, candy apples and just have the best day ever! I'd be so jealous of my cousins, because they normally went more than once. I got my one day and that was it. But even so, I had so many great memories.

Fast forward to a few years ago....actually more like 10 years ago, we ventured out to the NC State Fair on a hot October afternoon. I wanted my boys to experience all the greatness of the fair. NOT! There were so many people, we were shoulder to shoulder, could barely move, bumping into people. It was not a pleasant experience, especially with two little kids. The lines were too long, and the boys didn't want anything to do with the rides. We swore off the fair FOREVER! Said we would never go back. Well, never say never.

Elijah said he wanted to meet a friend(girl) at the fair, so I decided we would give it another go. I had to convince Fonzy to come with me. I guess he remembered better than I did. We went Saturday night, and it was just as we remembered. Too many people, and not worth it! Best thing about going was getting a funnel cake with strawberries and candy apples. I even went back on a lunch trip with my sister to get a second batch of them. I love candy apples. After that second trip though, I have yet again sworn off the Fair. This is not the fair of my childhood memories. I mean it this time. I'm never going back :)

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