Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Birth of Samantha Isaida - my namesake!

Happy 2016!

We are well into the New Year and even though I had good intentions of posting before now, it just didn't happen. But I'm here now!

The holidays were great. We took a road trip to Texas and I got a late Christmas present. Another Grandbaby! She was named after my oldest son who passed away and myself! She was due December 20, but held on for me to arrive in Texas and was born on December 27th.

Miss Samantha Isaidaproud parents before baby
My son and his girlfriend, Kaily

Having a baby is hard work!

rest hello samantha isaida_2
Samantha's first breath!

si_6 si_12 si_9_heart si_11 manuel and si_4 grandma and si_2_heart
Samantha and her other Grandma

baby toes si_3 proud parents_3 first kisses manuel and si_3
Hi Daddy :)

me and si_5 me and si_3
Our first selfie!

It was such an amazing experience being there for Samantha's birth. I wasn't there for my other 2 grandbabies birth. It happened to be our last day in Texas and one of the coldest days with freezing rain and snow.

As I watched Manuel comb Kaily's hair, hold her hand, and comfort her during contractions, I remembered the baby he once was. It was so hard to believe he was having his 3rd baby! I wanted to capture every moment. Watching Samantha come into the world and take her first breathe took my breathe away. Watching someone give birth is so different from experiencing it yourself. I will never forget it. And to be at the birth of a grandbaby who has my name, makes it even more special. I hated we had to leave the next morning.

Welcome to the world Miss Samantha Isaida! We love you so much already!


Sidenote: A few years ago when I first got my DSLR camera I came across birth photographer blogs and thought to myself "I would LOVE to do that!" To be there when this miracle of life happened. I was slightly obsessed and would read blog after blog of birth photography. The pictures were always so amazing! On this visit to Texas I forgot my big camera at home. My son and I couldn't believe I didn't have it for this event. Thank God for iPhones! All the pictures were taken with my iPhone. Being there, witnessing this miracle bought back the desire to be a birth photographer. To bear witness to this all the time. I can't even put into words how amazing that would be.

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RD said...

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family!