Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Project365_2013 006

Growing up I don't remember having a lot of dolls. I have an old Christmas picture of myself clutching a doll, but I don't remember the doll. The one doll I remember was a Holly Hobbie cloth doll. She had a pink bonnet on, long dress with apron, and boots - all cloth. Growing up I loved Little House on the Prairie, so I'm sure that's why this doll stands out in my memory. I so wanted to be Laura Ingalls. Of all my hand knits, the dolls I've made have been my favorites. I've given all three of them away, and hope they will be well loved and treasured keepsakes.

This is my new doll. She is looking alien like right now, but I have the picture in my head of what she will look like and I think she will be pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

Soo cute Isaida! Happy New Year! You are doing well with this knitting thing! :-) Great job! I need some lessons!

Anonymous said...

Well done . Can't wait to see her finished x