Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend Getaway - Charlotte/Carolina Panthers

This past weekend we took our last trip of the summer. We spent the weekend in Charlotte - went to Carowinds amusement park and to attend the Carolina Panthers Fan Fest. Fall and football is right around the corner!


I think the most excited about seeing the Carolina Panthers was Ezekiel. He is a die hard Panther fan and the biggest fan of Cam Newton! We were hoping and praying to get Cam's autograph!

Ezekiel doing his Cam Superman

Ezekiel has been to a Panther game before. Fonzy took him when he was about 3yrs old. That was 10yrs ago! The only thing he said he remembered was the big panthers! I see why he would remember that! They were huge!
Elijah doing Cam's Superman - Zay doing his Heisman pose.
Ezekiel, Elijah and Zay were really close to the field and Cam. They were sitting in the 2nd row behind the goal posts. Fonzy and I chose to sit up higher in the shade. I was already burnt up from Carowinds the day before.
After the practice, the players gave out autographs. I was hoping and praying Ezekiel would get Cam's. I'm sure he was too!
Cam ran around to each part of the stadium to sign autographs, but couldn't sign everyone. Unfortunately, Ezekiel didn't get his signature.
Disappointed he didn't get Cam's signature, but he did get Steve Smith's.
We spent all day Friday at Carowinds. I didn't get a lot of pictures since we were on waterslides and rollercoasters. I love the rollercoasters, hate the waterslides. I told the boys they had to get on the rollercoasters, so I had to get on the waterslides! Ezekiel got on all the rollercoasters, even the biggest one! Zay got on all, but the biggest one, Elijah got on none!


SnuggleBunnie said...

Looks like you all had fun.. The first pic had me rolling lol

Isolated Existence. said...

Beautiful pictures as always and a great way to spend a weekend. Con la familia, nothing better.

That roller coaster is very high! I don't have the guts to get on that so kudos to you guys! :-D