Monday, June 20, 2011

An Uncle's Love


When my brother Junior posted these pictures on his Facebook page, it touched my heart so. It comforts me to know that he goes and visits Samuel's grave. Living in North Carolina I don't get to visit his grave much, and honestly if I were there, I don't think I would go that much either. Going to the cemetary is really hard for me. I know Samuel is gone, but it's easier to just think of him as somewhere else....somewhere else alive. But at the cemetary there's no denying it. His body is there, under the ground. I know....I know...denial is not a good thing. But guess what....sometimes it is. Sometimes I have to deny to keep my keep the hurting away. Sometimes it's all I can do to.

But I digress.....I'm not here to talk about my pain and denial. I'm here to tell my brother, Junior that I love him and that it comforts me to know that Samuel is not forgotten and not alone. That he goes to sit with him, talk with him, remember him and love him. And that makes my heart feel just a little bit better.

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New York Chica said...

It's horrible, I can imagine but having your brother do that is really sweet. Just know your son is in a better place. XO