Sunday, January 11, 2009

13 of 365 - Return to Me

I have been struggling recently in my walk with Christ. I have not been the Christian I should be, have not been obedient and have let the Devil win. But you know what? God has not given up on me. No matter how far away I've gone from Him, He is still there, and he wants me to "return to Him", that is the message I received tonight from my Aunt Nadia. My Aunt Nadia has been a servant of the Lord for many years and such a shining example of His Love. The Lord put it on her heart to call me tonight. When I saw her number on the caller ID, I hesitated to call her back, because I knew what was coming, but you know what, that was the Devil. He did not want me to call her back, but I did, even though I knew she was going to ask me how my walk with Christ has been going. And of course, that is what she did. When I told her that I had not been to service in a few months, and had been struggling with my walk with the Lord, she said that God still loves me and wants me to return to him. She said that if you look throughout the Old Testament, it is filled with God telling His people to return to Him, and when she said that, I got chills. I know God was speaking to me through her. I just started to cry. My Aunt Nadia prayed with me and asked God to strengthen me to return to Him, and I truly felt Him. Once off the phone, I had to get my Bible and find His words and there it is, in Zechariah 1:3, The Lord telling me to return to Him, and He will return to me. Isn't God wonderful! No matter how far I've strayed, no matter how disobedient I've been, if I return to Him, He will return to me, it says so right there.

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