Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peach and Blueberry Galette Yumminess

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Doesn't a peach and blueberry galette scream summertime! I think it does. On a recent trip to our local Farmers Market, I got some juicy, sweet peaches. There were rows and rows of peaches. I strolled through the market, sampled each farmers peaches and picked the sweetest ones. I told the farmer I was baking it that day and she picked the perfect peaches for me for baking. I also bought my blueberries at the Farmers Market, but didn't taste all of them like I did the peaches. Not really sure why not, just figured the peaches were the most important ingredient.

I searched Pinterest for a recipe. I was looking for something that was easy, and not too many crazy ingredients. I found the perfect one here. I read several food blogs, Cake 'N Knife being one of them. This was the first recipe I've tried of hers and loved it. The crust was simple, straightforward and oh so good. The galette was perfect and just what I wanted. I will definitely be making it again this summer.


  1. It does scream summertime!! my sister made an apple galette while I was visiting and it was delicious :) Yours looks so pretty and I bet it was perfection.

  2. Mmm, it looks so yummy!!! I need it in my life, now!! :)