Monday, September 18, 2017

Kitchen Reno

IMG_2378 IMG_2375 IMG_2374 IMG_2801 IMG_2750 IMG_2802 IMG_2745 IMG_2743 IMG_2800 IMG_2787 IMG_2804 IMG_2748 I love watching home renovation shows on HGTV. Rehab Addict, Good Bones, Home Town, Fixer Upper, just to name a few. I could spend a whole morning just watching them. I've since learned from our small kitchen reno that I much prefer watching a reno show, than actually going through one!

When we bought this house, I knew I wanted to change the granite. It was too dark and I wasn't feeling it. I went on a Pinterest pinning frenzy of all the kitchens I loved and noticed a trend. White quartz counters and dark grey cabinets. All the kitchens I pinned had those two elements. So of course, that's what we did. Our new kitchen isn't as open as our previous one, so I wanted it to be bright. And bright it is! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen now. I thought I would miss the island from our previous kitchen, but I don't. The only thing I miss is the gas stove. I'm not a fan of cooking with electric. Being out in the country we would need to use propane for a gas stove, so I'm getting use to electric again. I will say the cook-top is a lot easier to clean though. We've talked of changing the back-splash, but that will have to wait. And I'm OK with that.

How about that big, white cast iron sink! It'a a favorite of mine! I love to see it all shiny and empty. I'm thinking it will be motivation to keep it empty. And the kitchen clean. Ha! Let's see how long it lasts.

Next project, the front yard and the porches. This past weekend we cut down a few trees. Well, Fonzy cut down some trees and started staining the front porch. I can't wait to share the porch once I have it all decked out for Fall!

Home Sweet Home!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Home Sweet Home

Home IMG_2368 IMG_2369
We have been in our house exactly two weeks now. We still have a bunch of boxes in various rooms, and things not quite in their places, but it's starting to feel like home.

We have a small kitchen renovation underway, which feels like a big renovation, and all the interior walls have been painted a light grey. A picket fence is being built for Titus to roam free in the backyard, and soon Fonzy will stain the front and back porch floors. Slowly, but surely it's coming all together.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

All The Pretty Horses

Horses IMG_2067 IMG_2064
After losing three homes we put offers in for, we decided to check out a house I had saved in the beginning of our search. Whenever deciding which homes to view, this one never made the cut. I'm not sure why, I guess it just wasn't the right time.

Pulling into the driveway the first thing I noticed was HORSES! The property backs up to a huge pasture with horses! Once I got over the excitement of the horses we viewed the house and loved it. It has everything we wanted! A big front porch, a screened back porch overlooking the horses, 4 bedrooms, and 3 1/2 baths. There are a few changes we want to make, I don't like the granite in the kitchen so changing it, and a few other updates with fixtures and painting the interior, but all in all, it's perfect.

 I'm so excited to get settled and right at my favorite time of year - Fall! The front porch will be filled with pumpkins and mums, two rocking chairs with Fall themed pillows. I picture chilly mornings with the horses shroud in fog as I sit on the back screened porch, cuddled under a knit blanket with my morning coffee. Even though we'll miss our current home, I see many happy memories being made in the new one.

5 more days to go!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


me I've been wanting to come back to this space, to write down life like I use to, but I felt like I had to play catch up before I could start again. And there is a lot to catch up! So this space has languished, until I finally decided enough! I'm going to start where I am - today.

So today we are smack dab in the middle of a move!

When we bought our house a little over 7 years ago, we swore this was it. We would never move again. Well, you know what they say - never say never! In the beginning of July, we decided to put our house on the market and it sold on our first open house. Houses right now are selling like hotcakes, some only on the market for hours before being snatched up! It's madness! And that's the madness we entered looking for our new home. We viewed over 20 homes, put in offers for three and lost all three! The searching continued and we finally found "the one" and our offer was accepted. We were too excited, but then reality slowly crept in. We were really moving! Leaving our first home and all it's memories.

There are so many emotions. Excitement, uncertainty, wondering if we did the right thing. We walk around our house now, filled with boxes and messes and mutter we can't believe we're moving. Its bittersweet.

If all goes according to plan we close next week on August 29th. We still have tons of packing to do, and moments of what in the world have we done, but I feel once we move and get settled, we will be happy we embarked on this new journey.

"and suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017


IMG_0964 IMG_0966 Sisters share childhood memories and grown-up dreams. 

Little Miss Nyla is 2 days overdue! Come on baby girl. We can't wait for you to arrive!

Friday, March 31, 2017


IMG_0957 Spring is here with it's stormy, unpredictable weather. Dark, brooding clouds, with little patches of blue.

Friday, March 24, 2017

IMG_0883 13/52 Self portraits in black and white

Let's get this weekend started!! It's going to be in the 70s tomorrow. I plan on cleaning my flower bed and planting. And have some sewing on the agenda also. What about you?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We'll Beat You One Day

DSC_0227_2 elijah and fonzy DSC_0223_2 Every since the boys were little, they've played basketball with Fonzy. Fonzy would tower over them, and play them as if he was playing someone his own size, not someone only up to his stomach. The boys would try their hardest, but they always lost. They would be mad, and at times would have tears in their eyes, but swore one day when they were taller than him, they would beat him.

Fast forward to now.

The boys are taller than Fonzy now and sometimes it's a still a struggle for them. There's much smack talking, lots of pushing around, fouls being yelled out, and yes even tears sometimes. But as they once swore as little boys in the driveway, "we'll beat you one day!" They do beat him. But most of the time, he still beats them. No matter how much taller they are!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

12/52 Self Portraits in Black and White

DSC_0193_2 For the past couple of weeks I've been slightly obsessed with rag dolls. My Instagram and Pinterest feeds are filled with them. I was searching for books and patterns on making rag dolls and realized I already had one. I devoured it in one setting! I see some handmade rag dolls in my future.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sewing Chronicles - Spring Daisy Pajama Pants

DSC_0086_2 I had to stand on the stool to get a good shot of the pants. I couldn't get a good one othewise! DSC_0104_2 IMG_0542 DSC_0092_2
Hi Peeps! I have a new sewing project to share. Daisy pajama pants!

I haven't gotten my confidence up enough to tackle any of the vintage dresses I want to make, but wanted to sew something. Since I live in pajamas when home, I figured this was a good start for my first commercial pattern. It's Simplicity 2290, a learn to sew pattern. All I've learned in Mimi G's Sew It Academy so far helped me with this project. If you want to learn to sew I recommend Mimi G. She is awesome!

These pants are so comfy! They are a tad too big, I should have cut the medium instead of the large, but pajamas are comfiest when big. At least I think so. I lounged around in these most of the day. The project actually helped boost my confidence a little. I think I'm ready to tackle a simple dress. I've decided to get a serger, so as soon as it arrives (I can't wait!) I will be ready to make a dress! At least I think I'll be ready. Sergers look kind of scary!

Friday, March 10, 2017

11/52 Self Portraits in Black And White - Happy Birthday Mommy!

DSC_0586_2 DSC_0608_2 Mommy's sweater Mommy's sweater 2 mommy

Today is my Mommy's birthday. She would have been 62, but she will forever be 31. I wanted to pay tribute to her today, by showing off this sweater. This sweater is over 30 years old and the only thing I kept of my Moms. She wore it all the time. I always thought it was too busy and never really liked it, but it was her. The sweater has been tucked away in the closet and one day I decided to pull it out and try it on. As I slide my arms into the sleeve I really NOTICED the sweater. I mean really looked at it and realized it was hand knit! I always thought it was store bought. Being a knitter now, I was able to tell the hand knit stitches, and all the work my Mom put into this sweater. All the little flowers, the diamond motif, the yarn made buttons. It was just amazing to me. No wonder my Mom wore it all the time. She must have been so proud of her work. Having this knowledge, the sweater is more precious to me than ever.

I love that I share knitting with her, that we have this connection. Her memory, her life, her gift is alive in me. 

Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you always and forever.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


IMG_0387 IMG_0397 IMG_0410 This doll has been in the making for over a year. She had been sitting patiently waiting to be finished and I finally, FINALLY finished her. I haven't made a knit doll in a while and not ready to do one anytime soon. I say that, but who knows. The urge to make a doll can strike at any time. I'm just glad this one is finished and off to my cousin.

Friday, March 3, 2017

10/52 Self Portraits in Black and White - My Love of Dolls

DSC_0571_2 I love dolls. Not the plastic, mass manufactured dolls, but unique handmade knit or cloth dolls. Raggedy Ann was one of my favorites growing up. She still is.

I've written about my love of dolls before, but have never shared my most cherished doll. My Cabbage Patch doll. This was the last doll my Mom gave to me before she died. She has followed me everywhere since I got her. From state to state, city to city, house to house. No matter where my life has taken me, through good times, and bad she's been there. Since we moved to this house, she's been residing on a self in my closet. I smile whenever I see her, think of my mom and last Christmas she was alive. It's bittersweet.

You know as I sit and write this, I realize she doesn't have a name. Well, I'm sure she had a name when I first got her, but I can't remember it, and don't recall calling her anything but "my cabbage patch doll" How sad. I really need to name her. She deserves a name for always being there. A tangible piece of my childhood.