Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blank Canvas

I love having a house. It feels good to round the corner on the cul de sac, see the house and pull into the driveway. Sometimes I just sit there a minute and take it all in. It's starting to feel like home.

While searching for a house, we briefly considered an older home. Older homes seem more sturdy, and have character instead of the new subdivision cookie cutter homes. As you can see, we got the cookie cutter and I couldn't be happier! First - we are the one and only owners, and that means no old ghosts floating around. Yes, I believe in ghosts and Fonzy has lived in several houses with ghosts, so a new house was the way to go. Plus, with a new home, you know what you are getting. No old heaters breaking, rotted floors or anything like that. It's all spankin', sparkly new!

During the last walk-thru before closing I took BEFORE pictures. We are working on the AFTER. We have been painting, and it already looks totally different.

walking in front door Walking thru the front door. What you see is the diningroom, but we aren't going to make that a diningroom. This is our study. Our desk will be there, bookshelves and a seating area. We plan on getting 2 wing back style chairs, with a small table between them, with a chess set - set up on the table. We plan on getting a throw rug also. Oh, and that light will be replaced. Below is another view of the study, and front door.

study/front door

bonus room This room is a spare room downstairs off the study. We're not sure yet what we are doing with this room. We've talked about a game room, with a pool table, a spare bedroom or a photo studio for me. I'm liking the studio idea. Right now it's empty.

kitchen Here's the kitchen. I LOVE the kitchen. LOVE the granite countertops. LOVE the new gas stove! Gas is so much better to cook on then electric. LOVE the island/sink! Can you tell I LOVE the kitchen!

Below is another view of the kitchen.


Kitchen sink My lovely sink....sometimes I just stand there and caress the granite. It's so nice and smooth and cool.

Livingroom And here is the family/livingroom. So happy we have a fireplace. I perfer wood burning to gas, but gas is such much easier. Flip the switch and we have fire!

I also love that the kitchen and family room are open and together. So I can cook and still be part of the family.

stairway Alright....heading upstairs.

Loft This is the loft at the top of the stairs. Picture below is also the loft. We haven't decided what to do with this space either. Again, I mentioned a studio for me. Fonzy wants to replace the carpet with hardwood floors and make this the gameroom. Right now - it's empty.


Our Bedroom
Picture above is Fonzy and mines room, with master bath. Our room is HUGE. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's a really nice size. We also have a garden tub! LOVE the garden tub!

Elijahs room This is Elijah's room. The boys are so excited to have their own rooms. Of course they are still in each other's rooms all the time and Elijah has slept in Ezekiel's room a few times. I think he just needs to get use to sleeping in his own room.

The picture above is the laundry room off the loft. That's Fonzy's domain. He does most of the laundry since he claims I don't know how to do laundry.

Ezekiel's room
And last, but not least is Ezekiel's room.

As you can see from the pictures, it's a blank canvas ready for us to make it our own. We've already started with the painting. I will have AFTER pictures soon!


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  1. I'm so happy for u that I posted about your dream coming true! ;)